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  Circle-24 worldwide foundation of artists 1989 - 2018

-network of international artists, art promotion
-world-wide exchange of information and ideas
-collaborative projects across the world
-seminars, workshops, lectures
-world-wide exchange of exhibitions

Circle-24 was an international network of artists in the visual media. As a group they cover a wide range of artistic disciplines and topics.It is their mutual interest in the arts and the new media as means of communication that makes them come together.
Circle 24 was founded in l989 on the initiative of Robert Schilder, a professional photographer with 25 years of experience in the field. It was his objective to establish a platform for a worldwide exchange of information about contemporary trends and new ideas in photography. From his ´Centre´ in The Hague Robert organised projects of collaborations between photographers from all over the world, gave seminars, and held masterclasses, workshops and readings.
During the 20 years of its existence Circle-24 has presented more than sixteen international exhibitions  as well as exchanged exhibitions with major venues worldwide. Circle-24´s group exhibition "Photography for Sale" was received with great acclaim and interest. As a result, the Circle was invited to exhibit in Tokyo´s Kodak Photo Salon, the National Museum of Photography, Denmark, Stockholm´s House of Culture and galleries in Belgium and Scotland.

Robert Schilder established the core of Circle-24´s objectives by stating "We are convinced that the key to our future lies in understanding how other cultures communicate"

Circle 24 is a vital source of motivation to the international artist and promotes and stimulates cultural exchange within the profession. To have access to the work of colleagues from different countries and cultures and at the same time have at disposal a platform for mutual evaluation and discussion enhances the professional knowledge of those actively working in art and the visual media and offers them an added value to their success in working in international markets.

Circle 24 remained eager to participate in interesting art -and photography projects:
Robert has also put together a comprehensive summary of Indian photography spanning 130 years "Another Way of Seeing"   and introduced this to museums & galleries in Europe.

List of associates:

Sándor Benkö   Hungary

Tim Besserer   Germany

Kunal Bhendé   India

Manuel da Costa   Brasil

Vinod Dave   USA

Emmo Italiaander   Indonesia

Sabine Korth   Italy

Gunnar Merrild   Denmark

Ki Ho Park   S.Korea

Occhiomagico   Italy

Neil Robinson   England

Dennis Savini   Switzerland

Taffi Rosen   Canada

Josué Sánchez   Peru

Robert Schilder   Holland

Tetsuro Takai   Japan


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