Circle 24 founder:  ROBERT SCHILDER (Netherlands)

Circle 24 is a network of internationally renowned photographers from all over the world. They are artists from widely varying disciplines who all work with photography in a professional way. They have come together as a result of their mutual interest for photography as an art form and international communication medium.

Circle 24 began in l989 as an initiative of Robert Schilder, a professional photographer for over 25 years. His aim was to establish a worldwide exchange of information about new ideas and contemporary trends in photography. From our Centre in The Hague we organise collaborative projects with photographers throughout the world, hold seminars, masterclass workshops and readings. Since 1991, Robert and the Circle have put together a comprehensive summary of Indian photography spanning 130 years "Another Way of Seeing" and introduced this to Museums in Europe. The Circle has presented 16 international exhibitions in Belgium and The Netherlands and we have also exchanged exhibitions with major venues worldwide.

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