Circle 24 member: PAUL BIDDLE (UK)

On the Threshold of Reality:

Some pictures are simple and complete inside my head from the beginning, but most of my images start with the inspiration of the objects. It may be something found in a junk shop, washed up on the beach near where I live or something from my past -wooden letters from a childhood game, my palette from my art school days.
I often assemble a collection of things and then have "play-time" to find the right composition, juxtaposition and colours. Colour, of course, is very important. I love saturated colour and often use pure pigment on objects and backgrounds. Sometimes a meaning will evolve that was not originally intended, but mostly I prefer people to read what they like into the pictures or hopefully just enjoy them for their visual stimulation.
Almost all these images were shot completely in camera, although I am using the computer more and more and am very excited by its limitless possibilities. I am keen to have the same technical excellence in anything computer generated as I hopefully attain with conventional photography.