Circle 24 member: -charlie f.kohn (spain)

Art is not for the elite; it is accessible to everyone. We can experience art by opening our senses to colours, shapes, designs and sounds, especially those of an unfamiliar nature.

I have condensed this into a suggestion and an invitation:
"I invite you to see. Where there was merely "something" before, there is now an image that can be at once a challenge and an explanation. If you let yourself really see, new worlds will open up to you and images attain an entirely new significance." Pursuing fundamental and unusual subjects, and analysing and interpreting them in pictures, is my goal.
World wide travel experiences taught him that the characteristics of a country are much better observed in details than in the whole. Consequently he developed a keen interest in close-ups from the daily environment we rarely notice, a search for the image behind the image. Experiments in color and structure lead to regular exchanges and co-operation with other artists, painters, sculptors, whose works he try to reinterpret.