Circle 24 member,
KI HO PARK  (Korea), corporate photography

From the start, Ki Ho Park has sought after the truth in life. His graduating thesis at Rhode island School of Design showed his early understanding of compassion. Whomever and wherever his subjects were, such as his early works of refugees in Thailand and their search for reunion with relatives, Ki Ho Park made sure that nowhere would those dreams come truer than in his photographs.

Ki Ho Park´s turning point came while he worked at the Magnum photo agency in New York. There he saw through the eyes of Bruce Davidson, Cartier Bresson and other Magnum photographers whose work was published for audiences too accustumed to seeing the good (not enough bad). With Bruce Davidson Ki Ho Park discovered the wonder of shooting b&w and color works for his archieve as well as the ´subway book´ for New York. With Bruce Davidson Ki Ho Park´s work grew to know how to conjure insightful images in photography, whatever the subject was. This experience was his finest asset.

Today Ki Ho Park shoots regularly for such demanding clients as AT&T, Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, Sam Sung and Deawoo. His compassion and sensitive eyes for visual details have earned him the reputation that his clients come back year after year.

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photograph used for
ING Bank Annual Report,
joint project of Circle 24