Circle 24 member,
Kunal Bhendé  (India), digital media

Kunal Bhendé, son of the late Wilas Bhendé (one of India's most renowned photographers and a founding member of Circle 24) works as a digital artist for the film- and corporate industry.

Kunal has his own studio in Bombay where he handles various multi-media and digital imaging projects for the advertising industry. Photography is a main hobby and he loves to use his photographs in digital imaging projects. He designs for various media like Print, CD-Rom, Video and the Internet. He has setup and computerised creative departments and trained art directors in leading advertising agencies across India. Kunal has been involved with computer technology from the age of six. For the last 18 years he has worked across varios computer platforms, operating systems and design applications mastering and understanding the use of these systems for creative people. He is always open to new ideas and technology and is willing to share his knowledge with everybody.