Circle 24 founding member,
TIM BESSERER  (Germany), photographer

Producer of large AV-shows,
Lecturer at Kassel School of Fine Arts
qualified Yoga-teacher


Tim Besserer´s work is always in demand. He is very busy shooting around the world for his agency, specialising in tourism promotion, producing everything from advertising to multi-media events and video films. In just three months he visited Budapest, Paris, Berlin and Hawaii. When travelling he sometimes gets to very strange and scary places ........
He organised a summary exhibition of Indian photography, 'The Eternal Wheel'. He has published books on South African and Indian photographers including: 'My Passage Through Indian Photography', 'The Eternal Wheel'.
Here is how to contact:
Tim Besserer
D-64354 Reinheim,

tel: +49-6162-83247,
fax: +49-6162-83242