Circle 24 member,
VINOD DAVE  (New York), mixed media

Artist Vinod Dave’s expressive and powerful imagery provides insight into a younger generation of modern Indian art. A product of the highly regarded and avant-garde Baroda School, Dave now divides his time between working in New York and in India. He was awarded the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship for 1994-95.

Dave’s work is clearly influenced by the western legacies of pop art and collage. However, the density of elements and layered images derive equally from Indian streets, billboards, and objects of daily life, splashed with colour and iconography. Part painting, part photography and largely dark toned, his work looks at first like an interestingly abstract pastiche; its figures, at times taken from the news media, provide an allegorical puzzle. As stated by art critic Kamala Kapoor, “The effect is a chilling glimpse of our agitated age, the inexorable passage of time and of the crumbling of cultural, moral, social, and aesthetic structures that were once taken for granted...” (Bose Pacia Gallery, New York)